“How To Guarantee You Get Rid Of 100% Of Your Acid Reflux In The Next 60 Days (Or Less)… 
And Prevent The Majority Of Chronic Digestive Disorders For The Rest Of Your Life.”
Hi, it's Christian...

And I have something exciting I want to share with you... but first... Let me just say:

Good for you for looking into The Pivot Protocol!

This may be the best (only?) self-healing protocol available that gives you all the tools you'll ever  need to beat all four types of acid reflux - permanently... even if you currently know nothing about the medical system I am going to teach you.  

You're going to be glad you put your trust in me... because you’re going feel so much better... 

Your acid reflux will be less frequent – and less severe... You’ll finally be able to enjoy eating again... You won’t have to worry about taking reflux meds… You’ll have less need to see your doctor… And acid reflux will no longer seem like a life-sentence.

And that’s all the result of simply knowing how to stop harming your body’s self-healing system… so it begins to heal your acid reflux – or, at the very least, stops it from getting worse.

I’m talking about complete, lasting freedom from acid reflux… no more burning pain… no more belching acid and bile… no more difficulty swallowing… and all the other crap that comes with acid reflux.  

Is that you? 

Are you ready to be done with acid reflux for good? If so, then I'm excited to introduce...
The Pivot Protocol 
In the Pivot Protocol...

You'll discover how to get your digestive organs to work in harmony... the way they were designed to... the way they used to work before you developed acid reflux. 

Because once you do that, your body's natural self-healing ability will get rid of acid reflux on its own, which means…
  • You get to eat like a normal person again. No more pills. No more agonizing after meals.   
  • You’ll get the peace-of-mind knowing your body is healthy. No more fear of hearing a deadly diagnosis because of your broken-down digestive system.
  • You’ll get to eat and feel strong without nagging symptoms after every meal – and without having to avoid a long list of prohibited foods.
  • You’ll actually get to eat normally at social gatherings without skipping any delicious food for fear of a flare up. 
  • You’ll feel energized again from the food you eat – instead of just feeling sick and fatigued all the time.
  • You’ll feel your mood return to normal because your guts are no longer sending a signal to your brain that all hell is breaking loose down below.    
  • You’ll no longer agonize over a decision to try risky surgery as the “only option” – because you’ve found a better way.
  • And you'll get to enjoy your life and do everything you want because acid reflux isn't stopping you anymore!
You see, when you apply the lessons in The Pivot Protocol Master Class, you may discover other annoying symptoms improving as well - or "mysteriously" disappearing altogether. 

Things like constant congestion... difficulty swallowing…a feeling of something stuck in your esophagus... fatigue... insomnia and sleep troubles... joint pains and head fog... smelly and embarrassing gas... 

Plus, things like hiatal hernia... SIBO... LPR... IBS... all improve dramatically when you commit to fixing your pivot. In fact, they will probably go away completely... GONE. 

This kind of full-recovery is actually normal.

Even dangerous autoimmune conditions can go away. Things like "leaky gut syndrome"... and inflammatory bowel conditions... Crohn's disease... celiac disease... ulcerative colitis... diverticulitis..… even gluten sensitivity…

It's rare to see a patient in-clinic finish The Pivot Protocol Master Class material – and not notice a major improvement with other “unrelated” digestive conditions as well.
Sound Too Good To Be True?
Dave Thought The Same Thing… 
When Dave came to see me, he could barely manage any food at all. He was taking multiple medications and life was misery. Everything he ate gave him hours of acid reflux and indigestion. 

Here's what he told me:

""I came to your program really believing it would not do any good. My reflux was horrible and I had multiple other problems in my intestines like irritable bowel disease and gluten intolerance.  

Nothing had helped me and I tried every imaginable pill, supplement and piece of advice - no matter how "out there." I was absolutely desperate. I long ago lost any real hope. 

But I actually noticed relief within a few hours of applying what I learned from you. I remember eating a meal and an hour later... it suddenly occurred to me I had no reflux. 

Within a few days, I was eating and digesting like a normal person. I only wish I discovered this protocol sooner."

And Katrina...

“I have a LOT of autoimmune issues since taking antibiotics… I stuffer with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue, brain fog, hormone imbalance, a long list of allergies, HORRIBLE acid reflux and other health issues…

The [thing you recommended in The Pivot Protocol] is working great for my acid reflux pain... That tip alone was worth the entire cost of the protocol! 

I’m already seeing significant relief - just in the last two days from following your protocol... 

I just want to say THANK YOU for giving me hope and the opportunity to heal naturally... You are truly an answer to prayer!"


And Roy...

"Many thanks Christian. 

I found your material extremely enlightening… I've now read the material [in the Master Class] and found it unbelievably enlightening.

I feel better already just by understanding what's going on with my digestive system. If I may, I'd like to give a big thank you to you for sharing your knowledge."

- Roy
100% Money-Back Guarantee For A Full 2 Months
You can use the entire program and if you do not beat acid reflux and see significant improvement in your digestion within 60 days... 

If at anytime after 21 days of getting the Pivot Protocol Master Class you do not feel like you are making amazing progress... or you do not sense any difference... that it's only a matter of time until you're free from the ravages of acid reflux and digestive illness forever...

Then you can get a full, prompt refund simply by emailing me at info@pivotprotocol.com with proof you actually used the program (there are some worksheets and checklists).

The reason I do this is that I only want serious people taking me up on this deal. Not jokers who want to join knowing full well they're going to ask for a refund – even if they do get results (yes, some people are like that). In my opinion, that’s not right.

Fair enough?

If so, then I'm really excited to tell you that, right now, on this very page...
You Can Get Instant Access To The Entire Pivot Protocol For $297
That's right, because you are choosing to take decisive action... you've proven you're dedicated, motivated, and serious about repairing your damaged digestive mechanism and finally getting rid of acid reflux from your life, forever... And I want to help you do it right. 

That's why today only - only on this page - you can join for just 1 payment of $297 :)

Which means you'll have everything you need to achieve complete, lifetime freedom from acid reflux and most other chronic digestive illnesses. 

This is probably the single most important thing you can do to ensure your quality of life and longevity.
Yes Christian, I'm Ready To Get Instant Access To The Pivot Protocol Master Class... So I Can Discover Everything I Need To Banish Acid Reflux For Life!
The Pivot Protocol Master Class...
  • Instant access to The Pivot Protocol Master Class, which walks you through the rest of the Protocol in step-by-step, easy to understand format. Instant access to The Pivot Protocol Master Class 
  • All 6 Modules for discovering how to repair your Pivot mechanism so you beat acid reflux - permanently
  • 6 video + audio downloads (.mp4) so you can watch (or listen) anytime, from any device.
  • Plus a new bonus section on "Food Combining" for your specific reflux type. Actual demos of me preparing delicious meals to beat reflux...
  • My 100% "this must give you results" money-back guarantee
  • Everything you need to beat acid reflux once and for all!
Get The Entire Pivot Protocol Master Class For Just $297...
You'll Even Get The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 Included In Your Purchase For Just 1 Payment Of $297
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