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If you have sweet cravings... 
Cravings sweets is guaranteed to cause problems for your digestion.  What most people don't know is how it affects your Pivot mechanism.
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"Dampness" And Acid Reflux
One of the most common causes of acid reflux is "dampness" - a concept modern medicine doesn't even acknowledge.    
Christian Nix - Creator Of The Pivot Protocol
After 19 Years Of Study And Practice Treating Digestive Illness... Here's What You Should Know:
While traveling in Central America in 1998, I met a medicine man who taught me a brilliant, completely obscure method for curing serious chronic digestive disorders.  

What I discovered during my own bout with digestive illness took me on a world tour - including inside major institutions like Cleveland Clinic . . . Hospitals like Mercy Hospital and Medical Center . . . And University medical centers form New York to San Francisco. 

You Can Read About My Incredible Discovery . . . 
The Pivot Protocol - Here's What's Different
Most people know reflux medications are not good for you.  But what choice do you have right?  

The reason modern medicine does a bad job with acid reflux (and most other digestive disorders) is because it ignores the most important element of all... your specific pattern of organ imbalance.  

This ability to discover a hyper-specific focus on the exact underlying cause of your acid reflux . . . is what makes the Pivot Protocol so valuable.  
Don't take my word for it... see what past students say:
 Had a look at most of the new videos, looks very exciting and I look forward to trying the recipes out, particularly [things you mention in the Reflux Recipes section].  

I am loving it.. and so is my gut. 
I have had no acid reflux since following your recommendations.
Kind regards,
— Maureen
 Hi Christian,
Trust you are doing well. I am happy to report that I am doing VERY well. 
For over two weeks now, I am literally 99% symptom free, some days even 100%. This feels like a miracle! 
I took your advice… What more could I ask for?!?! 
…I am definitely on the right track. I pretty much feel like a healed case here. I can't thank you enough. 

 Some long time habits to break but two weeks and haven’t felt this good for this long in three or more years. 

Thank you and for being a good teacher who stays with his students I’m really enjoying this journey as big a change as it’s gonna take for me. 
— Valerie
I watched the video. Thank you for answering all my questions. You are truly a blessing. 
— Renay
 Thank you so much for all you do. I’m really enjoying the question and answer sessions. 
Thanks again!
So grateful for finding your program Christian and all that you have put into it! 
Hope you are well. Thanks for everything. And I love all the videos. Helping me so much! 

 Thank you so much for all you do. I’m really enjoying the question and answer sessions. 
Thanks again!
I'm very grateful for you sharing your knowledge with others.  
God has blessed you with healing and you are sharing that with others… AWESOME!


Many thanks for all your hard work, is very much appreciated.
Yours Sincerely,


The [thing you taught me in the Pivot Protocol] is working great for my acid reflux… 

That tip alone was worth the entire cost of the protocol! 

Thank you!  

Thank you again for everything you do to help heal Humanity!!
Thank you... I learned a lot with you....

Thanks. All the information is very helpful...
You’re the man, thanks again for your help!
Dear Christian, 

First of all I just want to let you know your protocol has been a godsend to me! 
I am so thankful to have found your site after five long years of trying to find answers. 
I am doing well with the protocol...

Thank you, 


I thank you for getting me on the right path, as I suspected for some time now that my Dr. hasn’t been giving this the attention it deserves.  
I suspected my reflux was connected to organs and after reading your article, I suspect a lot of the organs you mentioned have been compromised.  
I told her about the mucous, stuffed nose, feeling congested, my ears, eyes etc. the HOT and cold gut and asked her how can everything be affected.  
I used to just chalk everything up to my IBS and hiatal hernia.  
I am hell bent to do something about my situation.  
Thank you again for taking the time to correspond with me.
I came across Christian giving a short video presentation, addressing acid reflux. 
While listening he was covering a lot of my issues. 
I decided to give try both Phase 1 and the Master Class… I’m so very glad I did. 
I have gotten relief in a very short period of time following the plan. He is for real and gives info you will not get any where else. 
Christian gives real solutions. I am more than pleased… with the Pivot Protocol.
I am just so grateful to have found you.

Thanks Christian, 

I got it working with what you sent me. 

I am doing better in the last couple days… l already see some improvement… I believe God has purposely placed me in contact with you. 

I appreciated you very much. 

Thank you,

My God... it just as I hit sent my last mail… there comes the email I've been hoping for a very long time... 

Thanks Christian for all that lovely yummy luscious specific advice... I'm going shopping... 

I have begun to reduce my PPI’s And I only had two days for recovery which always goes at least four.  

You thanked me but I have a feeling I should be thanking you. 

Hi Christian,
My acid reflux is almost non existent now. 
Thanks for all your help!!!!

I have been dealing with reflux on and off for 17 years. 
Insomnia for 25 years. 
And now chronic acid reflux for 12 months… getting dizzy spells and pretty well every symptom you list. 
They have improved since following your program. Thank you. 

Thanks for sharing your information. 

I've done many things that you have taught me. 

One of the most important things you hit it right on the head (solution from Master Class)… I haven't had any symptoms. 

Thanks for all your help and hard work. It's paying off. 

Your friend,


3 days on your meal plans. 

And I feel f****** better then ever. 

I’ve just started the pivot protocol and a lot is already making sense. 

I have so many symptoms which I didn’t know were all related back to reflux. 

I’ve caught it at the right time and can overcome this. Thank you!!

“I am so so grateful for your program. I am 51 yrs old and have had digestion issues for close to 40 years. For the last 30 years have been on a quest to heal myself and have seen a number of holistic practitioners… 

So Thank You Thank You Thank You for all of your work!!! 
I have been on it for two months and my digestion/elimination is great! I know without a doubt that if I had been following a program like yours years ago I would have saved myself from so much suffering… 
But all I can say is that I am super grateful to have found your program now to have a roadmap/template for the second half of my life.


Thank you Christian for your work!!! 

I am on the Pivot Protocol for about 6 weeks and I just started to gain weight again. 

I was in that dark corner for years. I am off acid blockers and eating well as Christian instructs!! 

God bless you Christian!!

In a nutshell the course was excellent, I am very happy with my investment, so great work and thank you.

Once again, thanks for putting this information in such an easily digestible form, the whole thing flowed beautifully, just when you get to a part and you're thinking, well 'what about this though?' you cover it in the next module:) 

I loved it.


I have cured my GERD (that rhymes). 


How The Pivot Protocol Is Different
Here's a short video about why The Pivot Protocol is so effective at treating all four types of acid reflux - without pills... no matter how long you've been suffering.  

See you on the inside,

Christian Nix 
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