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How To Beat Cold Reflux With The Pivot Protocol
If you’re sick and tired of taking antacids after every meal...

If you’re taking an H2 blocker or a PPI like Tagamet, Aciphex, Pepcid, Prilosec or Nexium…

If you’ve tried diets and the dizzying number of natural supplements claiming to help acid reflux...

But you still have horrible burning pain and a nauseating taste of acid and bile after you eat...

The reason is NOT because your acid reflux can’t be cured. It’s simply because the solutions you’ve tried aren’t treating your specific type of acid reflux.

You see, what doctors in modern medicine don’t understand – and aren’t taught in medical school – is…
There Are Actually Four Different Types Of Acid Reflux.
Based on your answers, your specific type of acid reflux is “Cold Reflux.”

You can tell it’s Cold Reflux when you’re tired all the time and crave sweets.   

To keep yourself going, you simply eat something sugary. This gives you a temporary boost. 

This is a tell-tale sign you have Cold Reflux. 

Cold Reflux happens when your spleen – which plays a crucial role in your digestion – is not strong or active enough to perform its major function. Your spleen is “cold”. It’s not working like it’s supposed to.

Let me explain...

Your spleen’s job is to transform the food you eat into nutrients your body can use.  
When your spleen is cold, food stagnates in your digestive system. 

This causes acid and bile to back up and flow into your esophagus. 

The result is what modern medicine commonly calls acid reflux.

But doctors in modern medicine typically fail to realize “acid reflux” is actually just a symptom of a deeper, underlying problem.  

In your case, this underlying problem is “Cold Reflux.” 

Your spleen – the “fire of digestion” – is cold. 

It’s not active enough to perform its critical task. 

Your spleen is the major organ of your immune system. It controls all your intestinal bacteria. 

When your spleen is cold and weak, bacteria quickly grow out of control in your intestines. 

This overgrowth stops your intestines from transforming the food you eat into nutrients your body can use.

As a result, you literally become malnourished. Your body isn’t getting enough fuel out of the food you’re eating.

To make up for this deficit, your body demands sweets. Sugar is a quick-fix. It speeds up your metabolism in a way that activates and “warms” your cold spleen. 

But sugar also clogs your digestive system. Think of it like pouring sugar into your car’s gas tank. It would clog up the fuel system. Your car wouldn’t run. 

In the same way, sugar clogs your body’s “gas tank”...your body’s digestive system.
Once This Happens, Any Conventional Approach Like Taking Acid Reflux Medications Is Guaranteed To Make You Much Worse.
Worst-case scenario?

You could end up going through “Reflux Hell”.

Chances are, since you’re on this page, your reflux has gotten to the point where you know you need help.

Maybe, after every meal, you’re doubled over by the stabbing pain of bloating and gas…

Maybe you’ve tried taking allergy meds because you have constant nasal congestion and sinus pain… 

Only to find these medicines dry you out – and make your reflux even worse…

Maybe you’ve gradually withdrawn from friends and family because of your constant smelly gas…

Maybe you’re rushing to the toilet with foul smelling diarrhea multiple times a day.,, or waking up with terrible chest pain and a cough that just won’t go away.

Whatever you’re dealing with right now, it can – and likely will – get worse.

One day, you may wake up to find you’re in “Reflux Hell”.

You’ll feel like you’re vomiting up your intestines… and your chest pain is so intense you’ll think you’re having a heart attack.

Next thing you know, you’re in the hospital. 

The doctors did a bunch of tests on you.  All came back negative, except for acid reflux. 

Now they’re pushing “radioactive milkshake” down your throat so you can get x-rays… 

Or they put a tube with a tiny video camera down your throat and into your stomach as you gag… 

All to end up recommending a dangerous and expensive surgery… 

And, at the end of all this… you may still suffer from acid reflux. 

You might lose all hope that you’ll ever get better. 

Maybe you already feel this way.

Maybe you’ve already gone through reflux hell. Either way, please know you CAN still get better. 

There IS a way out. 

And I will share it with you, on this very page. 

As you’ll discover… 
You Can Actually Gain Complete Freedom From Acid Reflux By Treating Your Specific Reflux Type.
It’s not all bad though.

You see, the good news is, not only can you prevent the worst-case scenario from happening…

You can also reverse your specific type of Cold Reflux. 

And you can do it without a single visit to the doctor. Without a single acid blocker. And, really, without all that much time and effort.  

You won’t have to deal with sour belching anymore. 

You won’t have burning pain. You won’t need to spend hundreds – even thousands – on potentially dangerous and expensive medications. 

And you won’t have to make any more frustrating trips to doctors or specialists, only to hear the same useless advice over and over again.

You’ll finally be able to enjoy yourself like a normal person - without the misery of acid reflux on a day to day basis.

You can even eat many of the foods you enjoy.

And, most importantly, you’ll get back the peace of mind that results from a healthy body.  

How do I know all this?  

What makes me qualified to promise you all these claims?

It all started in 1998...

I was traveling through Central America and discovered a little town nestled on the shore of a high mountain lake. 

Like most people backpacking through the tropics, I came down with a severe case of travelers’ diarrhea. 

And, like most Americans, I did the first thing that made sense to me...
I went to a doctor. 

The doctor did exactly what doctors are trained to do – he prescribed me an antibiotic:


I remember seeing blood in my stool for several days after starting it... a lot of blood. 

So, I went to a GI specialist. 

I was tested for parasites and they even took x-rays of my abdomen. I even submitted to a few tests I would rather not remember. The result was always the same...Doctor after doctor would tell me, “There’s nothing wrong with you.”

Really? Nothing wrong? 

Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Everything I ate resulted in hours of sour-belching and the nauseating taste of bile.

My abdominal pain was so severe it felt like someone was stabbing my stomach with a knife and twisting it. 

My low back pain was so bad I could barely function. 

I couldn’t sleep – sometimes for days on end. 

Most days, I would eat and then suffer hours of nausea.  

As time passed, I only got worse.

My stomach cramps turned into shooting pains so severe they would double me over.

I began waking at night in a panic, shivering with the sheets drenched in sweat. I was beyond tired. 

My body was starting to quit on me.

I lost weight – a lot of weight. 

It seemed everything I ate was poison. 

My situation was desperate. 

And it was clear no doctor was going to save me. I thought I’d stay like this forever. 

At least, until it killed me.

Then, one day, I overheard some locals talking about a curandero (which more or less translates as natural healer) named Jaime who lived in a town nearby. 

“Did you hear? Jaime did it again. A woman with chronic fatigue visited him last month. I saw her today and she looked like a totally new person!”

Curious and desperate for answers, I walked up and asked where I could find this healer. 

“Just take the boat into town and look for a guy with white hair. If you can’t find him, ask anyone in town. They will tell you. .”

Sure enough, I found him. He was seated at an outdoor cafe. 

I introduced myself and he invited me to sit.

After a few hours of deep conversation – telling him about my struggles, asking about his work – he asked me if I would be interested in studying under him.

Of course, I gladly accepted on the spot. 

My illness not only gave me a strong motivation to study hard . . . it also gave Jaime and me a focus for my apprenticeship. 

In essence, I was my own patient during my studies with Jaime. I quickly realized Jaime was a gifted teacher.

His medical system had nothing to do with biochemistry or molecular biology.

It was a functional system of medicine where the experience of the patient – the bio-feedback loop – was everything.

What I was learning was unique...

And, to my surprise, it was actually working.

It turns out, the illnesses I had – acid reflux, abdominal pain, insomnia, etc. – all came down to a complicated imbalance in my digestive organs.

And the way to heal it requires a re-balancing of these digestive organs.

I did this first by understanding that every symptom has a meaning. Everything your body does gives you clues about what’s happening inside you… where the true cause of an illness lies.  

Jaime taught me how to “read” these signs and symptoms. It immediately made sense to me. They fit with everything I was experiencing. 

From there, it was simply a matter of re-balancing my digestive system to perform like it’s supposed to. Like it would for a good, healthy individual.

So that’s what I did and, sure enough, I was getting better.

But it wasn’t nearly enough.

I still had bad days where I had reflux, joint pain, and headaches.

I turned to Jaime again. But even he didn’t know what I should do.

Instead, he pointed to a stack of books on his shelf.

“I’m sure the answer is in there somewhere. Find it.”

I spent hundreds of hours reading almost every book on the shelf. No luck. 

I was losing hope.

Until, one day, I found a book that looked like no one had touched it in decades. I blew the dust off, and started reading from page 1...

This was the book that changed my life forever.

Inside this book was the “missing piece” to Jaime’s teachings. Within days, my acid reflux simply disappeared – permanently.

I started sleeping again. I had more energy. My head fog completely disappeared.

I had no pain or swelling in my joints anymore. My abdominal pain got less frequent and less severe. Before I knew it, it was gone all together. 

It was as if tranquility returned to my entire being in just a few short weeks. 

And, believe it or not, I’ve been healthy ever since.

I’m now 47 years old. I gained back all the weight I lost when i was sick. 

And I've never felt better in all my life. I sleep well and I cannot remember the last time I had acid reflux or anything like it.

From the comments I hear from other people my age, I must look pretty healthy too.

And I owe it all to something I now call...
The Pivot Protocol
Ever since inventing the Pivot Protocol, I’ve had a truly remarkable career in medicine.

I formed two different teaching companies and was fortunate to travel the world offering seminars based on what I discovered.

In 2005, I earned a license to practice medicine in Colorado. And from 2008-2017, I was a professor of medicine in a dozen different schools.

I became chief instructor at two hospital teaching clinics I helped create – on two different continents. 

I’ve written books on various topics for other medical professionals and created dozens of online training programs. 

I cultivated mentor relationships with three MD’s and one PhD. And I’ve worked with dozens more...

I spent the later portion of my career in medicine teaching MD’s and nurses about what I discovered. I’ve mentored MDs at my hospital clinics in North and Central America – and even taught onboard cruise ships. 
I’ve spoken at major institutions all across North, Central and South America. Including: 
  • ​The world famous Cleveland Clinic for their psychiatry department, 
  • ​Stony Brook University Medical Center 
  • ​University of Virginia Medical Center
  • ​University of California at San Francisco (Santa Rosa)
  • ​ Mercy Hospital in Chicago and...
  • ​The Hospitalito de Santiago in Guatemala
I’ve lectured internationally at major conferences in Jerusalem, Colombia and Guatemala.  
I’ve published articles in peer-reviewed journals and written six books total during my time as a clinician and professor of medicine.

But I’m not telling you any of the above to brag. 

I want you to know that my own journey started out with a serious illness. 

And serious illness is no joke!  

I know what it is to feel lost and bereft with absolutely no idea whether you’re going to live and recover... or die in misery. 

And yet, in spite of my frustration with conventional doctors, today, I don’t blame modern medicine or any of the fine people practicing it. 

I’ve learned better. 

I’ve learned that medical systems are very different and that when you have a chronic condition like acid reflux and digestive illness, you need to use a medical system designed to treat chronic illness.

If you use the wrong medical system for your condition, you may never recover.  

Modern medicine is designed to diagnose and treat emergency conditions and acute injuries. That’s what it does. And it does a great job at it, too.

That’s why I applaud the doctors who devote the best years of their young lives to learn to do it well. I applaud all the people who came before them and gave us the system we call Western medicine.

But chronic conditions like acid reflux will not respond to this approach – as you might have already discovered. 

Chronic conditions like digestive disease are better treated by what I discovered during my time with Jaime...

The Pivot Protocol.

In fact, this was the exact topic of my first book in 2009.  

My illness lasted nearly ten years from start to finish.
Today, I think of it as a kind of blessing since it gave me so much I can share with others. If I hadn’t gone through that hell, I wouldn’t have discovered the jewel of healing that I did.  

In fact, even at the time I was going through it, I was perfectly aware that serious illness was the strongest motivation anyone could possibly have for discovering a solution. 

I knew I had to solve the riddle of my illness. No one was coming to save me. 

That’s why I’m truly grateful to heaven for sparring me and allowing me to share my discovery with all of you.

Today, I weigh 170 pounds and I look and feel better than I did 19 years ago. No-kidding.  

But I also have a wonderful gift to share with you and others who are suffering the way I did.

I took all my learning during those years and rolled it into the kind of material I would have loved to discover back when I was sick.

If you’re asking yourself why you’ve never come across this solution before, the answer is simple:

Who the hell wants to do all the study and work of digging into an ancient indigenous medical system?

I didn’t.  

But I literally felt my life was on the line.

So, I did it. And little by little, I broke through. 


No matter how bad your symptoms are...

It’s unlikely you are as sick now as I was then. Let that be a comfort to you.

No matter how much misery you are in and no matter what your doctor has told you... most people can recover. 

During the worst of my journey through illness, I developed full-blown auto-immune disease and everything I ate was like poison to me. If I recovered, you can too.  

In hindsight, acid reflux was the least of my worries. And I mean that sincerely. 

Please understand, in many ways acid reflux is actually a side-issue.  

Once you re-balance your digestive organs, your acid reflux will naturally clear up on its own. And without any effort on your part. Your body does the work for you.

That's the goal of The Pivot Protocol...

And it’s exactly what I’m going to share with you today.
A Unique Way To Treat Your Specific Type Of Acid Reflux
As you might remember, your type of acid reflux is “Cold Reflux.” 

It’s one of the four types of acid reflux.  

The four types of acid reflux are:

                       1. Cold Reflux 

                       2. Dry Reflux 

                       3. Damp Reflux 

                       4. Liver Reflux

Each of these four types corresponds to a specific organ imbalance. 

Cold reflux indicates a weak spleen.  

Dry Reflux results from deep intestinal dryness. 

Damp Reflux is caused by an accumulation of mucous and fluids in your stomach and intestines. 

And Liver Reflux is the result of your liver overheating.

The thing is, these organs are linked to each other.

That means each organ can damage any of the others – or all of them.

So it’s not as simple as you just having Cold Reflux. 

That’s the main type you have, but other types may be present as well.

Picture it this way...

Imagine that each acid reflux type is a domino, stacked side-by-side. One after the other.

When you have a weak spleen and develop Cold Reflux, that is like one domino falling.  

But then your weak spleen causes your liver to overheat...And when your liver gets too hot for too long, you over eat. So now, you have Liver Reflux on top of your Cold Reflux.  

But then your Liver Reflux leads to fluids building up in your intestines and now you develop Damp Reflux too. 

Then the extra heat in your liver dries out your intestines and you develop Dry Reflux on top of all the rest! 

In other words...

Each of the four types will affect the others.

Sometimes you only have one organ malfunctioning – but that’s rare. 

Other times, you can even have all four organs malfunctioning at the same time...which makes for a very difficult condition. 

In fact, this kind of ‘all-hell-breaking-loose’ is actually the norm!

Typically when one organ goes out of balance, they all go out of balance. 

And that means we need a treatment approach that helps each specific organ and the whole system together at the same time.  

That’s why acid-blocking medications simply don’t work.  

When you block stomach acid:

You create an almost insurmountable burden for the spleen...

Which leads to food collecting in your intestines (dampness)...

Which leads your liver to overheat...

Which causes you intestines to dry out...

Which leads your spleen to work even harder...

Which causes your appetite to increase... Which causes you to overeat even more – etc. 

On and on it goes. It’s an absolutely unbreakable cycle. Typically, it spirals downward until you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.  

Plus, no one really has acid reflux because you magically began overproducing stomach acid.  

If acid reflux were something simple (like too much stomach acid), then a simple solution would cure it. 

Blocking stomach acid is too simplistic – which is exactly why it doesn’t work for anything more than temporary relief. 

It’s also why wedge pillows don’t work. Or drinking lemon tea in the morning. Or any of the other so-called “solutions” out there, like aloe, herbs, DGL chews and glutamine.

Solving the riddle of acid reflux requires an approach that takes into consideration multiple different factors. 

It requires a system that allows you to understand the complexity of your specific situation so you can target your exact cause and make adjustments as your condition changes.

It requires The Pivot Protocol.
How The Pivot Protocol Can Cure Your Reflux – Fast
Simply put, the Pivot Protocol repairs your body’s self-healing system.

Now when I say self-healing, I’m not talking about anything magical involving ancient faith-based, new age voodoo...

I’m talking about something we’ve all experienced many times in life. 

For example, when you are sick with a bad cold, your immune system fights it off and, within a few days, you recover “on your own.” 

That’s your body’s self-healing system at work. Your Pivot is what I call your body’s self-healing system. It includes your immune system – but it’s also much more than that.  

Your Pivot is actually your body’s built-in system for healing itself during times of serious illness . . . IF you give it the right conditions. 

And in order for your body’s self-healing systems to work, your digestive system needs to perform flawlessly. What does your digestive system have to do with self-healing?

Oh, my friend, it is everything.

When you end up with clogged arteries that lead to an eventual heart attack or stroke, that cholesterol was produced in your overheated liver.

When you have Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease late in life, it's because your vagus nerve – which connects your brain to your gut – was over-stimulated for many years and burned itself out.  

Plus, the breakdown of your nervous system and brain are both directly related to your intestinal bacteria. 

And when you have chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (CFIDS) or an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis with hot, painful, swollen joints . . . 

That’s a direct reflection of your immune system dysfunction. 

And 80% of your immune system is concentrated in your spleen and intestines.

It goes without saying that if your intestines become clogged up with waste and you don’t evacuate your bowels efficiently your immune system will suffer. 

This is like having a sewer overflow inside your house. Yuck. 

Your immune system can even break down completely, turn on itself and attack your own body. This is what we call autoimmune disease and it is a horror show.

So, when I say self-healing is directly tied to your digestive organs, it’s no exaggeration. 

That’s why the Pivot Protocol is about “harmonizing” your digestive organs – including your spleen, stomach, liver and intestines – to create the right conditions for self-healing.

These four organs must all work together. When they do, your body’s self healing system will take over. 

And your acid reflux will go away on its own, as will most other digestive orders. And almost any other chronic illness for that matter.

But the best part is...

With The Pivot Protocol, all of this can be done without dangerous medications from your doctor or expensive remedies from the health food store.  

You can start feeling better in as little as 24 hours. And soon enough, you’ll find that your acid reflux has vanished, never to return again.

The first step of The Pivot Protocol is to stop damaging your digestive organs so they can recover.

Over many years of treating patients, I’ve found that this first phase alone helped most of them to a surprising degree.

So, in The Pivot Protocol, Phase 1, I will show you:
  •  How to avoid taking any more acid blocking medications and why you should actually increase your stomach acid if you want to get rid of Acid reflux...
  • ​Why taking daily probiotics is a total nightmare for your immune system – plus what you should do instead to keep healthy bacteria in your intestines...
  • ​Why gluten is actually good for you and how you can get rid of your gluten allergy so your body can get some of the tremendous benefits of gluten...
  • ​Why juicing is actually harmful to most people, throwing off your digestive health and causing acid reflux – and what you should do instead of juicing fruits and veggies...
  • The single most dangerous beverage almost everyone with acid reflux is drinking every single day - not even realizing this is a MAJOR cause of reflux. (No, it's not coffee... soda... or booze.
  • ​Why a raw food diet is a bad idea if you have acid reflux and what you should be thinking and doing instead...
  • ​The reason immune boosting supplements are actually dangerous for you if you have acid reflux... and why you need to calm and quiet you immune system instead (this has nothing to do with the quality or potency of your supplement)...
  • ​Why it’s not only foolish but actually dangerous to eat a low-carb or no-carb diet and how to eat your carbs in the right order so your body can use it as the important fuel it is – instead of just packing it on as excess weight...
  • What your doctor isn’t telling you about your “lactose intolerance” and what you need to know about dairy products in order to avoid serious immune problems and perpetual acid reflux...
  • ​The truth about white vs. whole grain and the reason you should eat the right kind of rice as one of your main staple foods – especially if you suffer from acid reflux...
  • The completely wrong-headed debate over Acid vs. Alkaline balance and what you need to know in order to avoid causing serious harm to your body – especially if you are trying to alkalize your acid reflux away with antacids...
  • ​And much, much more...
By the time you’re done with The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1, you will have everything you need to stop hurting yourself…

And let your self-healing system do the work.

You’ll have less acid reflux. Less abdominal pain. And you’ll have more energy, more happiness, and more freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it. 

Without worrying about whether your acid reflux will flare up again.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 is.

Well, in truth…
The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 Should Be Expensive
After all, when you go to a doctor, you not only have a co-pay but probably an expensive test and a prescription to fill as well.

Plus, most people with serious acid reflux end up needing to see a GI specialist for even more tests. 

In extreme cases, you could end up getting surgery to repair your esophagus or shrink your stomach. 

And you still might not get rid of your acid reflux. 

This is "normal" when you rely on modern medicine. And the costs can easily run from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on your insurance. 
Not to mention, I’ve taught The Pivot Protocol to a select group of Medical Professionals at Seminars and International Conferences.

They paid up to $8,000 to learn my system.

Here’s what they have to say about me:
"I finally finished reading [your book]. I can see [your work] will be the mainstream. I really appreciate your practical guide. You are a genius." 
- Dr. Choyan, Professor of Medicine           
"Christian’s expertise, practical insights and wealth of progressive coursework have been instrumental in growing my practice and career, not to mention saving me years of headaches and struggle . . . I can say with true conviction that without being exposed to Christians progressive approach, I would . . . still be in the dark... Christian is without a doubt the pioneer when it comes to educating the mainstream medical community." 
- Cliff Thompson 
"Christian! Inspired is an understatement . . . Life Changing! I’ve learned more here [apprenticing with Christian at a hospital clinic] in two weeks than we did in the first two years of school." 
- Jacki      
"I look to you as a pioneer." 
- David    
"I consider the education Christian Nix offers to be a series of master classes that help polish one’s understanding. " 
- Michael     
Again, these medical professionals paid as much as $8,000 just to train with me.

And patients happily pay up to $1,700 to have me personally teach them the Pivot Protocol… with great results:
"I am virtually cured." 
- Terri
"I will have to say that my acid reflux symptoms are mostly gone, which is a miracle." 
 - Melissa
"I have not taken an antacid in months... antacids that I was taking for YEARS before that. Keep up the good work." 
- Laurie
But don't worry...
I’m not going to charge you anything near $1,700 for The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1.
I remember perfectly well how it felt to be sick with chronic acid reflux. I vividly recall the fear and desperation – not knowing if would ever recover or if I would just have to live with my symptoms. 

I don’t want you – or anyone else – to live like that if you don’t have to. 

And there’s no reason you have to go through that. If you’re reading this, you have a chance to get help from a protocol that is, quite frankly, unlike anything else you will find. 

And that’s why I make price no issue for those who truly want relief.  

And the wonderful technology of the internet allows me to greatly reduce the cost of sharing this unique, breakthrough solution with you.  

That’s why The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 isn’t $1,700.

Or $1,000.

Or even $500.

It’s just one payment of $69.

But because you are a first time visitor here… and because I want to thank you for reading my message today… 

I want to give you a special discount. Instead of paying $69 for The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1…

You can get it for 32% off.

Just one payment of $47.

That’s it.

For most people, Phase 1 alone is enough to reduce your symptoms and restore a little proper function to your whole Pivot system. 

In fact, most people experience significant relief from acid reflux simply by adopting new behavior. 

Once you know how to prevent overwhelming your digestive system, chances are you will be on your way to full recovery as well.
You Can Have The Pivot Protocol 100% Risk-Free
Try it for 30 days. See what happens to your acid reflux. And if for any reason at all you decide The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 isn’t for you, you can ask for a full-refund. 

If you don’t feel less sour belching… get rid of the burning pain in your chest and belly, bloating, gas and abdominal discomfort...

Or even if you just don’t like my voice…

Then I don’t want or deserve your money. 

Simply contact me at and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.  
Here’s How You Can Get The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 For 32% Off - Right Now
Click the orange "Yes! I Want Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 Now" button below.

You’ll land on a 100% secure registration form.

From there, simply enter your regular details, and press the “Order Now” button.

Once you do, you'll immediately be sent an email with the subject line "Here's Your Access To Pivot Protocol Phase 1 :)". 

Inside this email is your private link to access Pivot Protocol: Phase 1. 

Click it, and you’ll have instant access to The Pivot Protocol: Phase 1… so you can start beating reflux – and getting your life back – today.
Your friend,
Christian Nix