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"Your pivot protocol has helped me more than anything else in the past year... You have given me hope." - Carol
“It has been 3 days that I am following protocol and honestly no reflux! Wow this is amazing!” - Ani
“Thank you Christian, 
I'm already feeling the benefits…” - Karen
It all makes so much sense. I started the pivot protocol on Monday and feel better already.” - Kelly
The pivot protocol is very effective...
 thanks so much.” - Herminio
"I used to tell my husband that I felt like a soggy towel. For goodness sake that was full body dampness taking over. I get it now Christian. I get it now :)" - Nancy
“Since I last wrote to you, 
things have improved even more.” - Amanda
“I was suffering from anxiety and reflux and I’ve almost gotten rid of the anxiety and thanks to your course the reflux is gone.” - Lidia
“Just to let you know my acid [reflux] has greatly improved…” - Karen
“I have been fine-tuning my digestion with the protocol… and the results have been great!” - Nancy
Everything you're getting instant access to:
  • The Entire Pivot Protocol: Phase 1 Program
  • All 14 Lessons for a fast and and noticeable decrease in your acid reflux
  • 14 video downloads (.mp4) so you can watch it anytime, anywhere
  • 14 audio downloads (.mp3) so you can decrease your acid reflux while you're driving or in the shower
  • Free Bonus: My Fast-Start Five Tips For Immediate Relief - Today... implementing these five actions steps can give you serious relief - in one day.
  • Instant access to everything!
What life could be like after Pivot Protocol: Phase 1...
  • You'll feel more comfortable after you eat -- and you won't accidentally eat foods that trigger your acid reflux
  • Your body will be more calm and relaxed - without the constant war between your organs
  • You'll have much less mental anxiety about your physical health that is such a huge part of chronic digestive illness
  • And the many other life-changing benefits that come from eliminating acid reflux.
"I have a sense of well-being that I haven't felt in 20 or more years. Thank you Doctor Nix." - Don
"I haven’t felt this great in years. Dr. Nix is amazing and knows what he is doing. Thank you. " - Shawna
"I feel so much better and I'm now realizing that my ability to do things and go places isn’t over. Thanks Dr. Nix." - Diane
"After the second session I was 70% better." - Mary
“I just want to THANK YOU SOOOO much… you're right... the other doctors didn’t know what to do.” - Sylvia
“I found your program… in 24 hours made a couple changes and it’s gotten better… Thank you, I appreciate your program and all that you do.” - Lakyn
“Working through the master class. Amazing stuff!” - Shami
“About 2 yrs on the Pivot Protocol and NO reflux from the first video…” - Doug
I'm already showing signs of Recovery. I thank you so much. See you in the master class.” - Luke
“... actually listened to all 12 modules last night and already am making changes and felt betterThanks for what you are doing.” - Matt
“I bought [the solution inside The Pivot Protocol] a week ago and started taking it before the meal; it was good as it reduced my gas tremendously.” - Steve
“The money I spent... is the very best investment that I could have done for my health.” - Ferdinand
“Thank you so much for the way in which you did so much research about your own digestive problems.” - Fay
"I took your advice… I am definitely on the right track. I pretty much feel like a healed case here. I can't thank you enough.” - Kelsey
“You have a happy customer… I feel so much better.” - Jerry
“I am a new client but honestly I have been following your program only a few days and I can see a difference.” - Toni

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